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Choose CivicLive for a winning combination of end-to-end professional services that include:

Customized, Creative Web Design

Customized, Creative Web Design

Getting the most out of your new eGovernment website starts with a fresh approach to design. That’s why each CivicLive client works with a dedicated Web Designer.

Using a structured, iterative design methodology,
your CivicLive Web Designer will:

  • PLAN

    Out your
    Design Vision


    Using Design


    With CivicLive's
    brand of

  • Create a Beautiful, Completely Custom Website Design with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

City Website SEO

What good is your government’s new website if no one can find it? Good Search Engine Optimization strategies will foster a high-ranking website that promotes your community and directs citizens to the right pages where the eServices they’re looking for can be found.

CivicLive’s approach to SEO is three-pronged:

  • Design

    SEO is considered
    during the
    Design Phase

  • Analysis & Configuration

    CivicLive’s SEO Analyst
    configures technical SEO
    elements for you

  • Long-Term SEO

    Your Administrators are Trained to effectively manage your website's long-term SEO

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

CivicLive's Cloud Hosting services offer numerous benefits that will maximize your eGovernment web experience:

  • Increase Uptime

    with redundant network connections

  • Decrease Maintenance Periods

    with scheduled software updates that are implemented immediately

  • Protect Sensitive Data

    with CivicLive’s military-grade hosting infrastructure

Cloud images Cloud images

Installed Hosting

Installed Hosting

For the municipality with leading-edge technological infrastructure and a structured technology plan, CivicLive can provide versatile installed hosting services as an alternate to our cloud-hosted solution.

As with Cloud Hosting, Installed Hosting solutions can also be accompanied by Technical Support services that help your IT Administrators with software maintenance.

With our Installed Hosting services, your municipality will:

  • Gain Insight on how to leverage industry-leading security, connectivity, and administration standards and techniques in your local environment with help from a CivicLive Systems Administration Specialist.
  • Have Total Control to manage your hardware scalability needs over the long-term.
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Installed Hosting with CivicLive

Immersive Training

Immersive Training

CivicLive's in-person or web-based Training services focus on teaching your staff the principles of managing the web experience for citizens using our powerful SitePublish CMS, empowering them to build citizen engagement through:

City Websites Planning & Training
  • Effective use of our SitePublish CMS tools and best practices for web content management

  • Streamlining staff processes to support new eServices and workflows

  • Equipping on-staff developers with the skills they need to master our software platform, if required

Custom Development

Custom Development

A new eGovernment website is just the beginning of your partnership with CivicLive.

With our combined Project Management and Custom Development services, CivicLive can work with your web team on custom projects that will continually enhance your community’s eGovernment experience, build stakeholder engagement, and make your government a model digital citizen.

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Consulting & Web Strategy

Consulting & Web Strategy

Even before your government knows what their web strategy is going to look like, CivicLive is there to help. Prior to outlining any specifics projects, come to CivicLive and discuss your needs with our expert consultants.

You won’t just leave knowing how CivicLive’s innovative software and services will benefit your community; you’ll leave with a whole new outlook on the value of implementing an eGovernment web strategy!

Consulting with CivicLive

Content Development

Content Development

Not everyone on your staff understands how to write for the web, even though they want to contribute information and add value to your eGovernment website.

Using a two-step approach to Content Development, CivicLive both provides content development and teaches your staff valuable guidelines in order to continue producing top-notch content with a citizens-first focus without the need to hire an external firm ever again.

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