We've got the tools that make eGovernment work.

Deliver an unparalleled eGovernment experience for staff, citizens, and other key stakeholders thanks to the ever-expanding range of innovative web tools and functionality that CivicLive can offer.

Powerful Content Management System

Powerful Content Management System

SitePublish — CivicLive's powerful Content Management System — takes all the hassle out of website content management by providing your staff with easy-to-use tools to organize, create and manage content that is discoverable and sharable with your community.

SitePublish's Content Management tools include:

  • An easy-to-use WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • In Context Drag-and-Drop Page Design Editing
  • Newsletter Creation & Publishing
  • Web Content Accessibility Management
  • Webpage & Document Version History Control
  • Searchable Government Staff Directory
  • Single-Point Social Media Publishing
  • Powerful News Engine
  • Content Approvals, Scheduling & Archiving
  • Multi-level Calendars & Upcoming Events
  • Cloud-Based Document Management
  • Immersive Photo Galleries
  • Government FAQ & A-Z Content Modules
  • And Many More! Find out if CivicLive has what you’re looking for!
Find out if CivicLive can...
Desktop Monitor Desktop Website built with SitePublish
CivicLive helps you build your custom website with SitePubllish CMS
CivicLive helps you build your custom website with SitePubllish CMS

Custom Mobile Apps & Responsive Design

Custom Mobile Apps & Responsive Design

Citizens using mobile devices more and more. So, your website needs to be able to be accessible from them, no matter what device or platform they are using. That's why CivicLive offers three proven mobile-optimization solutions that will place your eGovernment website in the palms of your citizens' hands, wherever they are:

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City of Tacoma website - Tablet view
City of Tacoma website - Phone view
  • Responsive Design

    that adapts your website's design to a multitude of devices ranging from iPhones to Windows 8 tablets.

  • A Mobile Web App

    that automatically loads in a mobile device's web browser instead of your full website, offering a simple, touch-friendly way to navigate while on the move.

  • A Downloadable Smartphone App

    that is the perfect fit for giving your citizens quick, hassle-free access to key eGovernment services and information right from their iOS or Android smartphones.

Citizen Engagement Solution

Citizen Engagement Solution

Every government can offer a range of services that will build citizen engagement thanks to the tools and resources that make up CivicLive's Citizen Engagement Solution. Our eGovernment capabilities in this category are unmatched, and can include popular solutions such as:

Citizen Engagement Solutions by CivicLive
  • Citizen Portals for Personalized eGovernment Experience
  • Open or Closed Discussion Forums
  • Voting, Polls & Surveys for capturing community feedback
  • Support for Online Payments and Transactions
  • Licensing & Permit Applications Framework
  • Social Groups
  • Job Posting & RFP Posting
  • Searchable Local Business Directory
  • Personalized Calendars for stakeholders to see what events matter to them
  • Citizen Request System for tailored services and requests such as custom forms for complaints and service requests
  • RSS Subscription Support for numerous content sharing tools
  • Blogs for publishing unique community stories
  • GIS Integration for visualizing local data
  • Emergency and proactive notifications
Citizen Engagement Solutions by CivicLive

Government Productivity Tools

Government Productivity Tools

A new CivicLive eGovernment solution doesn’t just make it easier to deliver government services to citizens — it also offers your staff a range of modules and tools that will make their jobs easier. Everything from streamlined public record document management to entirely private inter-departmental project collaboration groups can be supported with powerful modules that can be configured on a public-facing website and a sophisticated Intranet.

The best part? CivicLive’s government productivity tools are all accessible from our browser-based SitePublish CMS, eliminating the need for your government to find dozens of different software applications to meet these requirements.

Free Consultation

  • Meeting Minutes & Agendas Module

  • Video Streaming Support

  • Advanced Drag-and-Drop Workflows

  • Staff Portals, Calendars & Task Lists

  • Single Sign-On support

  • Intranet & Private Staff Groups

  • Staff Directory & Profile Pages

  • Tourism & Marketing Tools

  • Economic Development Tools

  • Parks & Recreation Module

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