Clearfield City

Clearfield City, Utah

Agency: Clearfield City
State: Utah
Population: ~25,000
Partner Since: 2014

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Clearfield City

Clearfield City is a growing Utah municipality that partnered with CivicLive to simplify and enhance how the City delivers eGovernment resources to citizens. Clearfield City’s new website exemplifies CivicLive’s dedication to eGovernment functionality, usability, and design excellence.

How CivicLive helped:

  • Responsive Website Design for superior smartphone and tablet usability.
  • Implement our SitePublish Content Management System’s transparency-building Meeting Minutes & Agenda module.
  • Enhance eGovernment functionality with Development Applications, Land Use Permits, and more.
  • Integration of numerous 3rd party services and applications already in use with Clearfield’s government.

“For someone that is not so tech-savvy, I was able to follow the lead of the folks at CivicLive to help create our site. We were asked for our input, what we wanted, how we wanted it to look, and it’s like they used the images in my mind. I appreciated the weekly one-on-one calls with our implementation analyst, Kevin. He explained the system and web creation tools to me in a way that made sense. With his approach, I was less-intimidated. I was made to feel comfortable with the process, and even enjoyed it. The trainer, Thomas, did such an excellent job with me and with our staff. When he left, we felt confident that we’d be able to transfer content and create content. Thanks, CivicLive!”

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