Saddle Hills County

Saddle Hills County, Alberta

Agency: Saddle Hills County
Province: Alberta
Population: ~2,200
Partner Sincec: 2015

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Saddle Hills County

Saddle Hills wanted a new website to provide more information to residents, businesses and industry in an engaging and effective manner. CivicLive worked closely with Saddle Hills to redesign their website, updating its appearance, structure, and delivery of content to simplify access and information-sharing between the public and the county.

How CivicLive Helped:

  • Customized banner alerts on homepage to effectively share the most immediate information with residents.
  • A streamlined and simplified menu system, with an “I Want To” section to provide site visitors with quick access to the information they need.
  • Smooth integration with the County’s Service Request System
  • Social Media Integration.

“We wanted a website that would be well designed and well structured, and that’s exactly what we got. CivicLive worked with us to understand our needs, and delivered a website that fit our vision and our timeline. The service exceeded our expectations. Once the website was built the live, on-the-spot service was invaluable and CivicLive has proven to be an excellent partner moving forward. We would recommend CivicLive to any government or non-profit organization seeking a good looking, functional website.”

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