Community Engagement

Build Engaged Neighborhoods

Empower citizens to actively engage within the community through a safe, secure location-based citizen engagement solution.

The CivicLive Community Engagement Solution offers a safe, secure location-based citizen engagement solution that connects citizens with decision makers. This allows community members to participate in public consultations and ensure that more citizens have the opportunity to make their voices heard. Our engagement solution encourages and builds active and engaged communities.

Get Feedback from Real, Relevant Community Members with our Advanced Geo-Verification Technology

The CivicLive Community Engagement Solution makes conducting online consultations simple, easy and accurate. Our tool makes it easy to conduct discussions within specific geographic regions through its unique, geo-verification technology.

  • Connect participants’ digital identity to their physical location.
  • Ensure data collected is relevant and defensible for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Facilitate high-quality public input processes.
  • Allow users to specify topics/concerns that are relevant to them.

Connect Participants’ Digital Identities to their Physical Locations

With the CivicLive Community Engagement Solution, governments can be certain that all feedback data is coming from real, relevant people within the specified geographic boundaries.

Governments can easily connect with active participants and existing users are automatically notified of new consultations in their region, based on their interests.


Keep Citizen Privacy Private

Just like you, we value your citizens’ privacy. The CivicLive Community Engagement Solution uses a unique set of principles that ensure users’ personal information remains secure. Citizen data is never sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any other organization.

Foster Citizen Engagement with a Tool Designed to Simplify Communication

From city planning and transportation infrastructure to school districts and community organizations, our community engagement solution enables your citizens to voice their concerns, express their wants and engage with their government, fostering two-way communication in a safe, secure environment.

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