Learning Management System

Help Your Employees Succeed

Simplify how your staff develop critical job skills, maintain certifications, and build knowledge with CivicLive Learn, our powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Built with feedback from thousands of users, our versatile LMS solution encompasses an array of easy-to-use learner-and-administrator focused modules and features, configured to perfectly fit your organization’s unique eLearning needs and objectives.

Simplified Learning Content Delivery

The CivicLive Learning Management System includes many tools to deliver course material while ensuring that learning managers and city employees get the best possible learning experience, with:

  • A mobile friendly learning experience.
  • Support for popular course formats such as SCORM, as well as native course authoring and assessment tools.
  • Intuitive creation tools for course, video or webinar based online learning.
  • A full suite of features to support instructor led and blended learning.
  • Tools for automated learning assignment, perfect for onboarding.
  • Self-registration for individual learners or mass registration to deliver compliance based learning to a wide audience.
  • Ability to establish approvals, prerequisites and automate pass/fail workflows.
  • Calendars, notifications and integration with popular email platforms, including Outlook.

Planning, Tracking & Reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t track. With that in mind, we created a robust suite of administrative tools for setting learning objectives, tracking progress, and reporting on user and system activity within the CivicLive LMS so you can make the most out of your e-learning programs right from the start.

  • Learning Plans
  • Competencies & Skills Management
  • Custom Certifications
  • Detailed Instructor & Learner Profiles
  • Comprehensive System Reports

Easy LMS Administration

With intuitive tools for managing users, backend tasks and stored learning content, our Learning Management System makes it easy for administrators to maintain their learning programs across all levels of their organization.

  • Multi-Tier
  • Centralized Learning
    Objective Repository
  • Drag-and-Drop
    Workflow Designer
  • Version Control
    & Archiving
  • Granular User

Social Learning & Collaboration

Created to support multi-location environments and an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, the CivicLive LMS includes a breadth of communication and collaboration modules that help learners share resources, create dialogue, and work together towards accomplishing common goals, including:

  • Social Learning Groups
  • Open or Moderated Discussion Forums
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Blogs & Wikis

Seamless Integration with your HR Systems

Leverage the CivicLive platform for holistic learning management and connect your CivicLive-powered learning programs with your other existing HR systems. The CivicLive LMS is versatile and interoperable with existing 3rd party systems your organization is already using.

  • APIs and Web Services
  • LDAP & SLDAP Support
  • Single Sign-On Support

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