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    Your organization and the constituents it serves are unique, so you need a website that meets your unique needs. Our government website design solutions are just what you need.

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    Our government content management system (CMS) makes it easy for staff to update and catalog the website content so your constituents can always find the information they need.

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    From smart project management, consulting and data migration to training, hosting and 24/7/365 support, you’re never on your own because your success is our success.

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For Government Website Designs That Engage, Choose CivicLive

The CivicLive team has provided government website design solutions for more than two decades. Our team has designed websites for forward-thinking governments across North America. We understand the unique needs of government organizations and agencies, and we stand ready to create a website that enhances your brand and helps you connect with constituents. For the best in government website design services, look no further than CivicLive.

Government Website Designs That Deliver

What goes into creating a great government website design? The CivicLive team has been designing, testing, and launching websites for government organizations since 2001, so we have some good answers to that question. Discover what you can expect from one of our websites today.

Here at CivicLive, we believe that every government organization deserves a totally custom, from-scratch design. Whether you are a municipal government looking to enhance economic development, a human services agency looking to improve service delivery, or some other kind of government organization, we will design a website that helps you achieve your unique goals.

CivicLive also provides cutting-edge designs that stand out. Advanced graphics, beautiful photos, and engaging videos can all show off your community or provide innovative ways for constituents to connect with you. The CivicLive team takes multimedia elements like these and pairs them with our wide variety of content modules to create one-of-a-kind government website designs that stand apart from the rest.

CivicLive designs are also responsive, because you never know what kind of device someone will use to access your website. Our government website designs automatically adjust to fit any size screen. No matter whether someone is using a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they'll be able to access your content easily and quickly.

We also build websites to be accessible. To successfully serve all of your constituents, your website must work for users with disabilities. Those with visual, hearing, motor, cognitive, and other impairments have special needs that must be kept in mind as content and graphics are produced. The experts at CivicLive will help ensure that your government website design achieves compliance with relevant web accessibility guidelines and regulations.

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