Citizen Request System

Citizen Requests — Report, Track & Communicate

Empower your residents to easily report on areas of concern and ensure reliable service delivery with the CivicLive Citizen Request System.

The CivicLive Citizen Request System includes an easy-to-use interface for submitting requests and robust reporting and tracking tools for the issues that matter to your municipality and its residents. From potholes to park shelters and everything in between, your citizens can request, report or ask questions with the confidence that their issue will reach the right people.

Customize the Issue Types for Your Needs

From potholes, to graffiti, to parking requests and everything in between, you request system can be customized to include the issues relevant to your staff and your citizens. An easy to configure workflow, also means that issues flow only to the departments and supervisors that need to see them.


Let Citizens Report Using the Web and Mobile Devices

With a web portal, as well as apps on Android and iOS, your citizens will be able to report issues from anywhere. Optional location information means you can get pinpoint accuracy, while making sure that issues are reported only for your jurisdiction.

Track Easily, Communicate Effectively

Using a simple web interface or optional staff app, your team will be able to review, comment on and assign issues with a few simple clicks or taps. Citizens will stay informed of an issue’s progress, and staff can even include messages to hep show that they are engaged with the issues your citizens are raising.

CivicLive Citizen Requests

Improve Performance with Reports and Metrics

Optional weekly reports and metrics put the issues facing your citizens at your fingertips. You can then use that up-to-the-minute data to ensure your resources are focused in the right places, and help ensure that small issues don’t become larger trends.

CivicLive Reporting & Analytics
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