Mobile Solutions

An eGovernment Solution that Puts Mobile First

Today, most of your citizens experience your website using a mobile device, and they expect the same services and high quality experience they would get on a computer. That’s why, the comprehensive CivicLive platform includes two versatile mobile optimized solutions that place your eGovernment website at the fingertips of your citizens, regardless of where they are and what device they use.

Responsive Design

If you want a modern website, you want responsive design. Resonsive Design methodology adapts your website’s design to a multitude of devices, giving it a consistent look and feel across all screen sizes.

That’s why, each website built on the CivicLive Smart Website platform is fully responsive!

Responsive Design

With a CivicLive-powered responsive website, you can:

  • Make it easier for citizens to engage with your website and, in turn, with their government.
  • Keep navigation familiar to end-users.
  • Ensure your website is functioning perfectly on all computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Custom Mobile App

The CivicLive Custom Mobile App is the perfect fit for giving your citizens quick, convenient access to key eGovernment services and information directly on their iOS or Android smartphones.

Custom built for each client, our mobile apps reflect the brand identity of each agency, and highlight the information and services that are most important to their stakeholders.

Drag-and-drop capability gives organizations control over the presentation of information on their app. And, the seamless integration between CivicLive websites and mobile apps ensures that staff never has to update content twice.

  • A versatile mobile optimization solution that highlights all your municipality has to offer.
  • Give your citizens easy access to the information that is most important to them.
  • Put your custom citizen request system on any mobile device.
  • Showcase your municipality in its best form with a mobile app design that matches your brand.
  • Work with a dedicated team that successfully built original apps for hundreds of municipal agencies.
  • Get an original design that works for your staff, residents, businesses and visitors.
  • Receive ongoing maintenance and support long after your app launches.
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