Hamilton County

Hamilton County, Ohio

Agency: Hamilton County
State: Ohio
Population: ~806,000
Partner Since: 2017

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Hamilton County

As the third most populated county in Ohio and home to the county seat Cincinnati, Hamilton County needed a website that could help all 806,000 of its citizens find what they were looking for and conduct their day-to-day business. They trusted CivicLive to provide them with a website that was fully responsive and efficient, yet still retained the elegant, simple design they were looking for. We also provided 4 subsites for the clerk of courts, environmental services, air quality, and recycling.

How CivicLive Helped:

  • Worked with Hamilton County to create a unique visual identity and maintain consistent branding throughout the website
  • Improved site accessibility for all visitors by including high-contrast ratios between text and background colors, text resizing accommodations, larger headings, and more
  • Provided a language function on the home page that allows visitors to translate the website to their choice of over 100 languages
  • Improved user response and experience by providing tools for reporting problems, paying taxes and looking for jobs, making the county’s website the primary resource for all of its residents’ needs

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