Why CivicLive

We're Taking eGovernment in a Bold New Direction

The CivicLive solutions team brings professionalism, experience, creativity and innovation to the table for each and every client. Learn more about what makes CivicLive the best choice for your new eGovernment project below!

Built for Government

CivicLive has been changing the way governments do business for over a decade. We know what governments and government agencies need, and our software includes the tools to meet those requirements.

How exactly is CivicLive built for government? Here’s some examples:

  • We’ve created software specifically for building citizen engagement. Imagine partnering with a web services provider that can realize your vision of web-based, government-citizen interactions using leading-edge software.
  • SitePublish: The CMS built for Government Staff. Choosing CivicLive means your system administrators and staff content managers will enjoy using a Web CMS that is purpose-built for their needs.
  • We offer a breadth of modules built for government needs. CivicLive solutions comes complete with pre-configured modules specifically-designed for Government services and the staff who provide those services.

Usable Design

Why bother refreshing your government website’s design if you aren’t going to improve the way it works, and the way it is used? At CivicLive, we’ve perfected the art of blending usability and quality creative design because we know that citizens won’t use your website unless it’s intuitive to navigate and quickly offers them the information and services they’re seeking. That’s why your new CivicLive website will use these proven eGovernment Web Design steps:

  • We Start by Designing the Information. A custom, iterative Information Architecture process fosters collaboration.
  • We Map that Information on a Wireframe. A separate Wireframing process lets your team envision site usability.
  • We bring Information to life with Custom Mockups. Our Mockup phase brings usable website design to life!

CivicLive - Built for Government

Total End-to-End Services

We here at CivicLive know that our work with you doesn’t end with the effective delivery of a newly-designed eGovernment portal – that’s merely the groundwork for a lasting partnership where we work hard to ensure your eGovernment website meets the evolving needs of your community. For CivicLive, End-to-End Services means:

  • Getting your project started off on the right foot. CivicLive’s Project Management methodology begins with a two-way envisioning process that builds effective communication – the groundwork for any successful, coordinated project!
  • Using a completely iterative Implementation Methodology. We’ve created a project implementation structure that is completely iterative, meaning your team gets to decide when they’re satisfied with each step before the project continues.
  • Lasting support that grows with you. Support means a lot to CivicLive. In a nutshell, it means: having a friendly technical support contact when you need our help; quickly benefiting from upgrades and enhancements to CivicLive’s powerful software, and, working with familiar CivicLive team members on future projects that will enhance your eGovernment experience.

CivicLive Implementation Methodology

Accessibility & Legal Compliance

Not every web solutions firm understands the importance of adhering to web accessibility and legal compliance standards. But with a CivicLive website, your web administrators can rest assured knowing that end-user accessibility and administrative needs have not only been considered by our Designers and Implementation Analysts, they’ve been built right in to our software! For example:

  • Content Editor-Based Accessibility Management. Content Editors can check pages for W3C and ADA Section 508 accessibility.
  • Foster Transparency and Ease of Access. Meet your transparency & record retention requirements with purpose-built modules.
  • Save Time with Automated Archiving. Automate Archiving processes so staff can save time and resources.

CivicLive builds accessible websites

Our History

CivicLive was founded in 2001 and has constantly expanded to become a recognized and respected eGovernment communication and engagement solution for North American towns, cities, counties, regional municipalities, states, and agencies.

Our mission is simple: we provide municipalities with the enterprise-grade web solutions they need to succeed in an era where citizens are seeking more services and information from their local governments on the Internet.

  • Make government services easily accessible in order to increase citizen engagement.
  • Set new standards for eGovernment website creativity and usability.
  • Foster citizen digital literacy by building resources that will make the Internet their first choice for seeking government services.

CivicLive History

Competitive Pricing

There's a reason we’ve perfected our methodologies and configured our software to offer turn-key solutions for eGovernment applications: we want the institutions who work with us to save money! When your government chooses CivicLive, you know they’ve chosen an eGovernment service provider who'll set the benchmark for industry pricing, and for innovative functionality.

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