City of Casper

City of Casper, Wyoming

Agency: City of Casper
State: Wyoming
Population: ~59,000
Partner Since: 2014

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City Of Casper

Described as relaxing, welcoming and adventurous, the friendly City of Casper is amongst the best cities in the US to raise a family according to Forbes Magazine (2010). Casper partnered with CivicLive to create a website that would represent the city’s spirited nature, and enhance citizen engagement by connecting its residents and visitors to Casper’s lively recreational, cultural and commercial opportunities.

How CivicLive Helped:

  • Unique subsites for “Things to Do” in and around Casper, such as Parks and Trails and Fort Caspar Museum.
  • Responsive redesign that seamlessly incorporated Casper’s branding guidelines.
  • Social Sharing integration on every page to allow users to directly share content on their social networks.
  • Integration with online municipal services for paying and managing bills, filing police reports, purchasing event tickets, signing-up for tee time, and more.

“We chose CivicLive expecting a website design that would fit our needs, and they didn’t disappoint. CivicLive collaborated with us to create unique subsites and other modules to open up new opportunities to engage with our residents and visitors.”

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