City of Davenport

City of Davenport, Iowa

Agency: City of Davenport
State: Iowa
Population: ~103,000
Partner Since: 2017

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City of Davenport

The City of Davenport partnered with West and its CivicLive solutions team to modernize their website with the aim of providing the city a fully-functional, one-stop-shop that better supports the community’s needs. Davenport’s new website showcases the city’s vibrant and progressive community, unique character and history and emphasizes the city’s continued growth and dedication to local entertainment, arts and businesses.

How CivicLive Helped:

  • Developed a flexible website design that the City’s in-house website team can manipulate to change homepage and subpage layouts to add new features, forms, news sections, etc.
  • Provided multi-layered user permissions and content approval settings, allowing the City to decentralize its website management and empowering departments to have more control.
  • Incorporated the City’s social media accounts into the website, and configured the site to allow direct sharing of website content to numerous social platforms at once as desired.
  • Provided immersive, one-on-one training to ensure city staff could easily and effectively update the website.

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