Enhancing Citizen Experience Through Your Website

Enhancing Citizen Experience Through Your Website

Your citizens look to you for information about city services, community programs, breaking news, upcoming events and more. CivicLive solutions are here to help you deliver it all with ease. With over 15 years of experience working with public agencies, we understand government and citizen needs, and our modern, fully comprehensive web solution proves it. Join a walkthrough of our eGovernment Content Management System (CMS) and you will see how our streamlined content management processes can make it easier for your staff to engage in and manage two-way communication with your citizens.

Online Challenges Municipalities Face Today

One of the biggest issues many government websites are currently facing is a lack of modernization. Whether it’s time, money or simply a lack of know-how, many government websites are dated. In today’s digital era, citizens want to be able to access information and complete simple tasks online. But outdated websites, with non-responsive designs, a lack of interactive tools and streamlined processes are stymieing government progress.

Foster Two-Way Communication

For every government, the key stakeholder is its citizens, and focusing on their needs is a must. Your citizens should be able to rely on their city to provide up-to-date information on the city website —from updates about the weather to construction to school closures. Our comprehensive CMS enhances online communication by allowing you to deliver time-sensitive information in multiple formats through the News & Alerts Content Engine. With our robust social media integration, you can also push out real-time, cross-platform information updates without having to leave your website.

Simplify Content Editing

The CivicLive CMS was designed with non-technical staff in mind, meaning you don’t need to be a web developer to master the system. Our CMS is built with browser-based tools that make content authoring and management simple and stress free. Staff can easily create webpages using defined templates and author content with editing tools they’re already familiar with. With our content editor there’s no dealing with messy back-end code. It’s easy to schedule content for future publishing and easy to automatically share posts across multiple social media accounts or directly into your constituents’ inboxes through our newsletter module.

Automate Business Processes

Streamline and automate processes with CivicLive’s intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow engine and watch staff productivity increase. Our Workflow Engine allows you to automate any business processes you want, from regulating user permissions to managing how citizen requests or applications are handled, ensuring they go to the appropriate team member, helping to save staff time by preventing misplaced requests.

Your Citizens Deserve More

The CivicLive eGovernment CMS includes a rich set of features and modules for streamlining content delivery, boosting productivity, and fostering engagement between governments and their constituents. Discover all that the CivicLive CMS is capable of doing with a live demonstration of the system. Request a Demo Today.

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