Four Ways a Citizen Request System Can Benefit Your Community

Four Ways a Citizen Request System Can Benefit Your Community
Posted on 06/11/2018
CivicLive Blog -Four Ways a Citizen Request System Can Benefit Your Community

To boost civic engagement, many local governments are looking to improve communication with their residents. One of the best ways to build better engagement is to offer residents a Citizen Request System, (CRS)—a digital solution that makes contacting and communicating with local government easy.

Yet despite this solution’s capabilities for fostering better civic engagement few local governments have implemented this simple tool. CivicLive is at the forefront when it comes to offering a robust, easy-to-use Citizen Request System, and we know how it can best benefit your community.

1. It Makes Reporting Issues Easy

When you incorporate a Citizen Request System into your eGovernment solution you’re automatically making it easier for your residents to report issues. Downed power lines, potholes, and power outages can be reported in minutes. Simplifying communication encourages residents to be more involved. When they know they can send a report or request with a just few clicks, getting involved no longer feels like a huge effort.

2. It's Accessible On All Digital Formats

A modern CRS is accessible through all digital communication. Users can report issues using their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This means on-the-go users can report issues, ask questions and make requests conveniently through their preferred means of digital communication.

3. It Saves Time

With a Citizen Request System you save both your residents and staff a lot of time. For local governments not using a CRS, residents who need to report an issue first have to research which department to contact, they then need to find the correct contact to report to before sending their request. A CRS takes care of all of that; it’s designed to find the correct contact through internal streamlined processes. As a smart, intuitive system, a CRS takes reporting one step further because it tracks the progress of a request, and enables internal and external users to track a report’s progress as well. This means concerned citizens can see how their report is being addressed in real time. When the request is met they’ll also be updated via email.

4. It Improves Systems and Processes Through Reports and Tracking

Staff can create weekly reports that help identify the major issues your citizens are facing. Reports and metrics make it easy to determine common issues, which in turn enable your staff to focus resources in the right places, preventing smaller issues from growing into larger trends.

Offer the Best in eGov Solutions

Incorporating a Citizen Request System into your current eGovernment solution helps you build a fully-functional digital government. A CRS offers benefits to your citizens and staff that simplifies their lives, while simultaneously encouraging better two-way communication.

Expand your current eGov solutions with West | CivicLive solutions Citizen Request System, contact us today to get started.

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