Mass Notification: The What, Where, Why and How

Mass Notification: The What, Where, Why and How
Posted on 07/09/2018
CivicLive Blog - Mass Notification: The What, Where, Why and How

Mass notification systems (MNS) are quickly gaining in popularity among local governments. They’re the perfect solution for informing your staff, citizens and visitors of important events, calling in volunteers, seeking community feedback and most importantly, spreading the word quickly and efficiently in emergency situations.

The What

An MNS is a digital solution that allows a municipality to communicate with their residents on a mass scale. An MNS provides support to city staff and residents by simplifying communication between government and citizens.

The Where

Used within a municipality, an MNS can be operated from any digital device with a connection to the Internet, ensuring your city can deliver messages quickly and efficiently.

The Why

Why should you invest in this digital platform? Mass notification systems help keep you and your constituents safe. While they can be used to send out information of all types on a massive scale, a mass notification system is the best way to communicate with your residents in times of emergencies. With an MNS your staff can deliver messages in a timely and efficient manner, alerting residents to weather emergencies, major power outages, road closures and more. Residents can receive notifications via email, text, social media, desktop pop up, voice message and website posting.

With a robust MNS you can update citizens as an issue progresses and provide important details, including what they should do, where they should go and who they can contact for further information or help if needed.

The How

Using a Mass Notification System is easy. Modern systems are fully equipped with a variety of features including social media integration, translation options, list management, multiple delivery options, reporting capabilities and recipient controls. Additionally, many MNS systems, including our government mass notification solution, are also built for use by users of all skill sets and technical capabilities.

Prioritizing Communication

Mass Notification Systems are in a constant state of upgrade as they strive to meet new technological needs. An MNS helps foster communication between a municipality and its residents. And while an MNS provides the utmost support in an emergency, it’s important to note that it also helps local governments to prioritize communication on all levels, including event invitations, customer feedbacks, utility and service interruption notices and more.

Intrado offers a wide range of solutions through its CivicLive family of products, including a complete eGov suite, which includes a fully-hosted, software as a service (SaaS) mass notification system. Our system is used by governments across the United States to deliver timely alerts and messages. To learn more, contact us today.

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