Staying Ahead of Staff Training Using Your Learning Management System (LMS)

Staying Ahead of Staff Training Using Your Learning Management System (LMS)
Posted on 05/14/2018
CivicLive Blog - Staying Ahead of Staff Training Using Your Learning Management System (LMS)

A learning management system, or LMS, is a digital system used to both deliver and manage instructional content. The software makes it possible to create, edit and remove educational content while also allowing operators to manage and control how and when people access the content. When it comes to corporate use, an LMS is often used for training staff, helping to onboard new employees and building and developing critical skills through eLearning courses.

Including mobile-ready features, personalization and even gamification, an LMS is perfect for corporations and government agencies looking to provide easy access to learning, training and information for their staff. Local governments can use an LMS system in many ways:

Employee Training & Onboarding

Many government agencies and corporations use Learning Management Systems to onboard and train new employees. An LMS is the perfect application for quick, efficient new employee training because you can easily load it with all the necessary documentation new hires need to get up to speed with company policies and culture.

Keep Staff Up-to-Date on Compliance

Along with using your LMS to onboard and train new hires, an LMS is the ideal way to keep current staff up-to-date with compliance related issues. Set up your LMS to send out quarterly, monthly or even weekly reminders to staff regarding ongoing policy education and training (security awareness training, harassment prevention, workplace safety, etc.) A modern LMS can send push notifications via email to users, reminding them of tasks they have yet to complete and due dates for training and learning initiatives.

Track User Progress

So, you now have your new hires trained on company policy and you’ve set up all current employees for ongoing compliance training and education. How do you know if they’re getting things done, and more importantly, how well they’re doing? With an LMS it’s simple—you track user progress. An LMS system is designed to keep track of its users’ progress, telling you who has completed what training and how well they did, ensuring your records are always up-to-date.

Reduce Training Costs

With an LMS, the cost of training new and current employees is drastically reduced. eLearning courses limit the need for face-to-face training, while also allowing employees to work at their own pace.

Meet Your Organization's Need

A Learning Management System makes meeting your organization’s learning needs simple and easy. The power and range an LMS provides ensures your agency can keep staff and new hires educated and trained on company policy. A robust, modern LMS also makes rolling out new processes and introducing new products simple, keeping things streamlined and organized and helping you build and develop knowledgeable, confident staff.

West’s CivicLive solutions include a robust, modern LMS designed specifically for local government agencies. With easy administration and social collaboration, the CivicLive LMS is the leading tool for government agencies, contact us today to learn more.

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